The FracLock System makes operations safer and reduces rig up, rig down, and production times while decreasing costs of operation.

Spartan introduces the FracLock System, a combination of new technologies that makes well operations exponentially safer and more efficient with a lower cost of operations.


Advances Safety for Wellhead Operations by Removing All Personnel from Inside Danger Zones.

The FracLock technology clears all well site workers from dangerous areas during well operations. Crews will no longer have to enter risky areas to investigate leaks, secure hammer unions, or adjust whip stops, keeping everyone out of harm’s way.

This system eliminates over 85% of frac iron at the wellhead. Without the clutter of equipment on-site, personnel have greater access to the wellhead with less potential injury from tripping, colliding with equipment and tools, or other accidents.


Reduces Set Up, Tear Down, and Operational Production Times to Increase Efficiency of All Well Service Crews.

Operations can begin as soon as trucks begin to arrive. The FracLock System is an integrated system that drastically cuts time needed for setup and tear down. Well service companies can work simultaneously which multiplies the number of stages accomplished in a day.


Decreases Overall Cost of Ownership by Eliminating a Large Amount of Equipment Necessary to Safely Perform Well Site Operations.

Smaller crews are sufficient with this technologically advanced system, reducing man hours and monetary investment. Less equipment creates a safer environment and presents less possibilities of damage to adjacent equipment. This reduction cuts down on inspection expenses and often eliminates costly downtime.

Benefits of FracLock

  1. Limits operators’ exposure to danger zones.
  2. Potential to complete more stages per day.
  3. Lower completion costs.
  4. Eliminates 75% of non-productive time (NPT).
  5. 84% reduction in frac iron.

The FracLock system fundamentally revolutionizes well production and completions.

The FracLock system is an integrated collection of equipment engineered and constructed to speed up well production and advance safety at the well site. The system combines four distinct components including the Javelin, an articulated well fluid connection arm, dynamic high pressure flow iron, and operational control unit.

Each innovative component works seamlessly with your well operations to improve productivity and keep the crew out of harm’s way and protect equipment on location.

Four Components of FracLock

  • FracLock is a hydraulically actuated quick connection from surface equipment to the wellhead.
  • The Javelin Articulated Arm reaches out 40 feet and rotates 330 degrees.
  • Dynamic high pressure flow iron composed of a specialized alloy to increase durability and reduce wear.
  • Easy-to-operate control panel with digital display and highly visible safety indicators.