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The FracLock system fundamentally revolutionizes well production and completions. The FracLock system is an integrated collection of equipment engineered and constructed to speed up well production and advance safety at the well site.

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Meyer’s Gen 3 Spyder Grease Manifold

The Gen-3 SPYDER® Manifold is the smartest grease manifold on the
market, it brings new levels of precision and accountability to valve
preventative maintenance.

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Intelligent Wellhead Systems

Spartan is a proud service partner with Intelligent Wellhead Systems (IWS) and as such supports the deployment of their inVision™ Valve Management System; A vendor agnostic valve management system that prevents inadvertent valve actuations by incorporating proprietary engineered controls to onsite workflows. Enhance operational awareness with a digital display of each well including valve placement, activity status, and a digital handshake™ log all in real-time.

To learn more about all that IWS has to offer visit their website:

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Invision Simops Interface

inVision™ SIMOPS Interface

Invision Lockouts & Handle Position Sensors

inVision™ Lockouts & Handle Position Sensors

Invision Valve Management System

inVision™ Valve Management System